Materials are packaged in a corrugated lined stillage, secondary lined with plastic to prevent water ingress and then materials interwoven with corrugated paper to prevent damage. Materials are only packed when they have been passed by our QA/QC departments and you can therefore be assured of the quality inside our stillages.

Packaging for the protection of the finished goods is an integral part of our service and we pride ourselves on the quality of our packaging. We are constantly reviewing our packaging policies for the benefit of the environment.

We also offer a low tak taping service, which is a highly protective tape used to minimise packaging but also to protect the finish during installation.

Our location in the West Midlands is ideally placed for the motorway network and we offer nationwide transport. Our drivers are ambassadors for the company and you can rely on their competence when handling your materials.

From receiving your goods to the return of finished materials, you can be assured of the quality of service received by Architectural Aluminium Coatings Ltd.